Welcome to the Copper Kingdom
A circular walk that takes you around the old largest copper mine in the world.

Now a colourful landscape dotted with heather, gorse and the ruins of industrial buildings.

Where the miners were already busy in the Bronze Age, perhaps 4,000 years ago. After the 1760s, this small corner of Wales became the cauldron of the Industrial Revolution. Parys Mountain briefly produced more copper than any other mine in the world.

Thomas Williams

was a local solicitor in the 18th century whose manufacturing processes saw him sell the copper to the British Navy and through further processing, copper sheets were made and introduced to protect the naval fleets ships from timber worm and barnacle growth. This decision / invention turned out to be decisive as it also made the ships far more manoeuvrable and sea worthy in comparison to their counterparts i.e French and the Spanish. Well-known characters of this period are of course Nelson and HMS Victory.

What will I see today?

The self-guided walk around the surface will show you a unique, colourful, lunar landscape and some fascinating industrial ruins. The route takes you past a large deep excavation where the copper was carved out of the ground. If you look closely, you can see the remains of the Volcano at its heart. It is the mineral, which spewed out of this volcano, which was mined many years later.

Further History

Roland Pugh a local miner stumbled on a large deposit of copper ore and it is from here that the story really takes off. It was from this point where we had our own equivalent to the Gold Rush, the Welsh Copper Rush, when people came from all parts of the UK, particularly from Derbyshire and Cornwall, hoping to make their fortune at the largest copper mine in the world.


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